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Konjo Dojo JuJitsu

Sensei Andy Dodd, 2nd Degree Judo, 2nd Degree JuJitsu, is now offering classes at Desoto Martial Arts, in Desoto Missouri.

Classes are

Adult JuJitsu- Self defense and sport oriented. Will prepare you for Gi grappling and Judo touranment style competition, as well as no gi and self defense situations. $20.00 Monthly

Little Samurai- Kids Grappling and Judo $20.00 Monthly. This class is designed to safely teach throwing and grappling skills to kids ages 6-12.

JuJitsu or "Gentle Art" involves throws, takedowns, locks, pins, strikes and chokes. Children up to twelve will concentrate more on throws, pins and hold escapes for self defense.

Adult Classes are

8:15pm-9:30pm Tuesday

7:30pm-9:30pm Thursday


Kids classes 6:30pm-7:30pm Thursday


What is a class like?